Have you ever encountered this too?

I know so many women who are:

  • scared of making mistakes, and
  • hence to take responsibility, because they dont know what that might mean in the end.
  • they dont really know what they want,
  • with this listen to others more than to themselves.
  • They get told a grown-up life is about being serious,
  • make as much money as possible so one day, maybe, you can finally start enjoying the time you have.
  • And this is what they aim for, hoping the others might be right.

Does any of these sentences resonate with you? Did you ever thought ‚this cant be it‘ and felt sad, missing the worry-free-days of your younger self? 
Tought about breaking out, going to a remote island to finally do what you feel like?

What if I tell you, that all this is possible? That it’s up to you to create your future and design a life you can enjoy EVERY SINGLE DAY?


Yes, I mean it!

It is up to you to decide where you invest your time and energy, to find what really sparks your heart, to make mistakes and learn from them – all that in order to make as many experiences as possible. Because they make us up, the situations you encounter are kept inside your body.


Do you still remember these moments when you just let go, following your flow, without thinking? Your body is your muscular memory-system, there to always support you to find your own way of living. It’s just a matter of you listening closely and trusting your inner voice, your intuition.

If you are ready to make a change, to find out how YOUR perfect life looks like, and take big steps in order to get there – Im here to walk this path with you.


Let’s have a call to find out, how my intuition-coaching can help you do that.


Talk to you soon!